11 January, 11:46

Cole-TAC was founded in 2015 with the goal of making some of the highest quality firearm and shooting accessories possible.  We pride ourselves in the work we do, and we know our customers appreciate our efforts. Along with our outstanding patrons, we also passionately support the Second Amendment.  As a company, we have tried staying neutral on political issues. Unfortunately, the recent ruling on bump stocks is troubling, not only for the Second Amendment, but also for the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.  The @nationalrifleassociation was founded on supporting the Second Amendment; however, this organization has not stood as a champion in stopping or changing this new policy. Therefore, Cole-TAC feels that the NRA no longer represents us and our customer base.  With NRA’s new stance, we can no longer support this organization until it changes its position and shows action to support the crucial Second Amendment. Although we are faced with a difficult decision, we have decided not to attend the NRA annual meetings this year.  We truly enjoy meeting and interacting with our customers at this event every year, but we cannot in good faith continue to finance an organization that is damaging such an important right to us. Instead, we will use the money we would normally spend on our booth space and donate those funds to the Firearms Policy Coalition and its lawsuit trying to stop this new ruling.  You may learn more about this lawsuit by following this link: www.bumpstockcase.com. This decision was made with our booth partners @bluealphagear. Cole-TAC will continue to provide outstanding gear and support our customers’ rights when necessary.  Thank you to all who continue to support us and our mission to protect, not only our passion, but also our inalienable Constitutional rights. #coletac #madeintheusa #bumpstock #bumpstockban #puttingourmoneywhereourmouthis #gunrights #2Astrong #notashamed #firearmspolicycoalition #nationalrifleassociation #nraam #nraam2019