Garden Flowers Story - January Elves Box 🌻 Our January Elves Box has many different embellishments for you to tell your story. In this video, we showed sneaks of dried flowers, bubble beads, and an exclusive glitter for resin which is stretchy! 3 colours are included: White, Gold and Silver. Gold and silver leaves base metal parts to hold the egg shape are also included. Blue Pigment Dye is included too if you want to remake this, you can! To make this, you need to cure layer by layer placing the mold sideways. Always cure a layer of UV resin first (for the front) before another layer to start inserting your embellishments. When you are halfway the egg, you can then turn the mold upright to continue the last step to fill up the egg. Closing date for this box is on January 15th, you can click on the profile link to find out more about our Elves Boxes. #theelvesbox