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A huge thanks for the invitation by Sustainable Build for Human Studio ApS to participate during the BUILD UP event during Phase 01 of their Innovation Process. . A little background - the purpose of SUSTAINABLE BUILD is to create growth in sustainable building. They help strengthen the competitiveness of sustainable solutions and scale new sustainable products and business models. This is done through an increase in innovation, knowledge sharing and strengthening cooperation across the building industry. . In Phase 1, the specific challenges of this year’s theme are identified by Sustainable Build partners and other experts in the Danish building industry. During the Kick Off of each annual cycle, the partners choose the theme of the year. . Human Studio ApS's Co-Founder Mille Sylvest shared our unique perspective along with experts in a rich variety of fields - providing guidance and input into this year’s theme - primarily identifying specific challenges. . . . #humanstudio #copenhagen #place #space #user #engagement #behavior #research #environmental #psychology #social