Hi! I see a lot of new faces on here! 💕 I wanted to introduce myself and get a little personal by listing some facts about me (stole this idea from @alexbrownhair) 1. My name is Cynthia Dhimdis last name pronounced Dim-dis 2. I am 26 yrs old 3. I am half Mexican half Thai 4. Before doing hair I went to school for nursing, I really wanted to do hair but I didn’t think I could make a career out of it so went to school to make my parents happy. I ended up dropping out and following my passion and it was the best decision 🙏🏻 I’m so much happier now 5. I am a Scorpio. Any scorpios out there? 6. I am still with my high school sweetheart 7. My sister and I are Irish twins, but we landed in the same school year so everyone always confused us as twins 8. I am the youngest sibling of 3 9. Biggest pet peeve: when people are late/ are not considerate of people’s time 10. I love being alone 11. I like structure and schedule 12. Love having deep convos with people 13. Born and raised in LA specifically “The Valley” 14. I was in my high school golf team I was embarrassed to tell people I played back in the day lol but I love it now! 15. I am a straight forward/blunt person 16. Very hard for me to rewatch a show/ movie after I seen it once, the only show I can rewatch is The Office and the only movie I can rewatch is Just Go With it 17. Hate big roller coasters I used to LOVE them but I guess anxiety caught up to me . . . How about you? Where are you guys from? What are your goals? What made you follow me? . . PS just posted a YouTube 🎥 tutorial on this hair go check it out!!! Link in bio #makeup : @anaisartistry #haircolor : @kiarahorne .