It’s another ‘before’ picture! One of my main resolutions this year is to make better use of my allotment. That means turning two key areas into more productive spaces! The first of which is the very bottom of my plot, next to the shed. I have a very large woodchipped seating area that is going to be significantly reduced to the side corner. I’ve already moved my bench from where it sat next to that water tank. I also need to move the compost bin to the right corner and hide it with a trellis where I already have a clematis and honeysuckle growing. I’ll have much more room for some raised beds to grow more cut flowers including strawflowers, sweet peas, cucumbers and I’m hoping to have an archway up for growing squash and scented climbers! It may not look it, but I’ve got some work ahead of me to remove three large hazel shrubs, a few brambles, ivy and the dreaded damson tree suckers. Then there’s all those pots to sort out! 😩 Let’s see if I can pull off my master plan. 😅💪 . #allotment #growyourown #gardening #allotmentlife #gardenersofinstagram #dowhatyoulove #organicgardening #homegrown #vegetablegarden #cutflowergarden #growwhatyoueat